Hunting With 22lr Rifle

Hunting can be great fun or past time if you have the necessary hunting gears that will facilitate the hunt which may include the type of gun, rifle scope, clothing you wear and a real passion for hunting. Thus, the things I mentioned above are not everything that someone needs to embark on hunting, but they make up the backbone a good hunting gear. Small game and some large game hunting with 22lr rifle have become rampant in the past decade.

However, some people have been hearing words like “small games” being thrown around the corner all the time. In addition to that, I have decided to list the animals that are likely to be hunted with the 22lr that is categorized as small game animals.

  • Ducks
  • Goose
  • Doves
  • Geese
  • Quail
  • Turkey
  • Snipe
  • Fox
  • Woodcock
  • Bobcat
  • Rabbits
  • Squirrel and many others

Thus, hunting with 22lr isn’t just only for small games but for also some big games like hog hunting, deer hunting. As there are 22lr rifles, so there are a lot of optics in the market today including the best scope for 22lr guns for hunting. Most center fire rifle scopes are factory set to be parallax free from one hundred to one hundred and fifty yards. But for this type of gun, you will need a parallax that is configured for free at fifty to seventy-five yards, where making sixty yards the better choice. You will need a scope that holds on through thin and thick. I have never seen many as high in quality as the Leupold rimfire scopes.

Now, with all being said about the kind of scope that goes better when hunting with 22lr guns. It is time to look at how this type of rifle performs during hunting.

I have a childhood friend who is a farmer in Texas, USA. He had complained to me a lot about how these wild hogs always come around at night eating up all the corn he stored up for some special purposes. He said that it had been happening for years and then he decided to do something about it, and that was when he decided I should come get rid of the hogs. So firstly I have to trace the routes the pigs use. I also found out that they have wallow somewhere not very far from my friend’s farm. But I knew one thing for real, I use a 22lr rifle with the best riflescope that money can buy. I have been into hog hunting for seven years, and I can say that I have had wonderful experiences hunting this wild animal. So I decided to make a new wallow for them in an area on the farm that is easily assessable to them. I also placed cameras from their wallow to the new wallow I made for them. Then, some drops of corn all the way from their old wallow to the new one and within the vicinity of the new one, I made a huge drop of maize that could keep them feeding for a long while.

Now it is time to get rid of them. The hunt has begun. It is past 12:00 midnight and I was sitting in the little wooden tent I made with my friend in preparation for the hunt. The interesting thing about the hunting is that my friend, who does not like hunting – not ever- decided to join me to see what I do and to keep a company also because it was on his property that I am hunting at the moment. So it’s past 12:00 midnight as I said; then suddenly they began to appear within the old wallow they already made. Behold, a group of hogs with some older ones among them. An aggressive male pig that weighs up to six hundred pounds. Although there are some hogs about six to fifteen months old. But I made my interest in hunting the old aggressive male. So we continued watching them on camera until they were able to follow the corn I left along to the new wallow that I had made for them. I also made an area covered with a net, and I left a lot of corn in it. That was the place I was expecting the big and aggressive hog to head to so that if I take a shot at it, it will not be able to run into the woods wounded. And that will also make it easier for us not to start tracking a wounded aggressive hog at the middle of the night and that is the last thing my buddy will want to do. As luck may have it, after some minutes that they fed on the new wallow. The old hog sneaked its way into the trap zone, and I had no option than to place the reticle of my 22lr riflescope crosshairs on the center of its brains – do not forget, I was using and still using the 22lr rifle. So I pulled the trigger, and the aggressive hog that weighs six hundred pounds dropped dead without making an inch movement. Other hogs took off.

I continued hunting on that land every year until this day. Hunting with 22lr rifles if combined with the best accessories is fun. 22lr bullets are Lightweight with less gunpowder. Used for different types of shooting: small games, long range, short range, and big games. Great ammo.

Different types of Robot Vacuums and Their Design

Investing in robot vacuums goes beyond simply choosing a machine that can clean. All robot vacuums essentially have a cleaning capability. The substances they can clean and how effectively they can clean them is what distinguishes one robot vacuum from another. Based on this, we can broadly categorize robovacs into 5 categories i.e. those that are excellent are picking animal hair, sweeping robots, mopping robots, heavy suction robots and lastly general purpose robots. Many other categories are possible but for the sake of this article we shall focus on these five.

  1. Animal and pet hair robots. 

All robovacs can pick up pet hairs but some are better suited for the job than others. The BObsweep PetHair for instance, true to its name, is a first class pet hair suction device. It incorporates TurboLift suction power and state of the art HEPA filtration that enables it to pick up tiny fur and hair with ease and keep potential allergens at bay. The iRobot Roomba 650 is another excellent choice for pet owners.

  1. Sweeping robots.

When it comes to sweeping a.k.a regular suctioning of dirt and debris from flooring all robovacs fall into this category. However, there are always a few that leave a greater impression than others. The Neato Botvac D80 makes the list due to its exceptionally large brush that is 50% longer than most robot vacuums possess. This feature makes sweeping for the robot much easier than most.

  1. Mopping robots.

While most robotic vacuums are designed to replace the traditional vacuum some come coupled with mops to provide an extra clean. The iRobot Braava 380t for instance, comes with a fully functional mop made from disposable microfiber cleaning cloths that can be soaked in either a cleaning solution or water to pick up dust and other debris from flooring. The Ecovacs N78 is another robot with a dedicated water tank that makes it an excellent mopping assistant.

  1. Heavy suction robots.

As mentioned, suction power varies from robot to robot. Robots with limited suction are restricted to clean regular floors alone while those with higher suction are used to clean more dynamic flooring and surfaces including heavy carpets and rugs. In terms of suction power, the Samsung POWERbot R9000 provides high suction power and can maintain it for long periods making it among the top choices for cleaning heavy rugs and carpets.

  1. General purpose robots.

With so many cleaning tasks it might not be possible to buy a separate robotic vacuum for all your chores. In such cases you’ll need a robovac that can carry out multiple cleaning tasks effectively. A loose term for these machines is general purpose robots. A good example of one such robovac is the iRobot Roomba 980. This robotic assistant can suck pet hairs with ease as well as a variety of other dirt and debris from any flooring. Its suction power also rivals that of the Samsung POWER R9000 and can clean heavy rugs and carpets with similar effectiveness. While this robot requires a considerable cash investment to acquire, it makes sense that you’re getting the functionality of several top notch robovacs rolled into one great machine. (Read more)

Advantages of using automatic vacuum cleaners

Guide to Buy the Best Steam Mop

Before going to buy a mop, there is some general information that will help you to select the right type of mop.

The potential benefits associated with usage of steam mop

The potential benefits associated with usage of steam mop

Besides hard floor surface, they can be used for cleansing other material surfaces such as ceramic tile, laminate, linoleum, and Harwood. There are many models. Different models come with different attachments. These attachments provide another benefit to cleanse places which are usually hidden such as: crevices and grouts.

The drying time is greatly reduced. You don’t have to wait an extra time to get the surfaces dried before you can use them. As comes the case with traditional mops.

The method to use is very easy. You just have to fill the water in it. It heats that water to turn into steam. You don’t have to put extra effort on scrubbing the surfaces. They just glide along the surfaces and work effectively to cleanse them. (Read more on

It is lightweight. You don’t have to put the struggle of carrying traditional surface cleansing mops

The maintenance of steam mops is quite easy too. All of them come with two steam mop pads. These pads should be regularly washed and dried on daily basis after your work has been done. They may need to be replaced often too

They come with their own holding mat upon which they can be rested to cool down. Whenever you go to buy any electronic device, make sure to read the instruction carefully.

Factors to consider before buying

Factors to consider before buying

There are some specific factors that you must consider before selecting the appropriate one.

Floor Surface: A hard surface can be easily cleansed with it. For mopping Harwood surfaces, make sure that your mop has an adjustable steam setting. It will control the heat and moisture levels required to that surface. For carpets, make sure you have a carpet attachment with your mop

Area: This is an important factor to consider before buying

  1. Larger surfaces require a larger water tank to avoid the trouble of refilling it again and again. So if you have a bigger home to clean, make sure to go for larger water tanks.
  2. Long cord is needed again for larger homes. It helps to do multiple areas without unplugging and re plugging at different place
  3. Go for a larger size mop for your large home surfaces.
  4. On contrary, for smaller homes, you can go for a medium sized water tanks, average cord length and an average sized mop

Cloth material: To cleanse wood or fine surfaces, you will have to make sure that your mop has a ‘microfiber cloth’. Any other types of cloths may damage your delicate surfaces

Adjustable handle: Go for mops having adjustable handles to make them swivel easily upon the floors. It will avoid your troubles with excessive bending or stretching.

Heat up time: Look for its heating up time. 3o seconds is usually considered appropriate and ideal. You don’t have to extra wait for it to get heated up and then used.

Cleaning Cloths: You will need to change your mop cleaning cloths/pads frequently.

Window cleansing attachment: Make sure you have it in your mop if you intend to clean your windows.

Mop head: It comes in either triangle or oval shape. Decide which one is going to work better for you

Weight: A lighter mop is a lot better than a heavy one. But if you are going to opt for a mop with larger tank, it will have a comparatively more weight

I hope this information will help you to pick up the steam mop having peculiar features best suited for your home.

Types of mops Types of mops

Regular Mop: A regular mop is the traditional mop. It has a long handle with strings or fibers attached on its lower surface. It used for manual mopping with the use of detergents.

Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner: It is a cylinder shaped vacuum device. It is also used for sweeping surfaces. It works on the principal of creating a partial vacuum in order to suck out the dirt particles. There is a centrifuge fan installed inside these devices for the creation of vacuum.

2-in-1 steam cleaner: These are the steam mops that utilize the principal of steam to sanitize the surfaces. Steam mop is an up gradation of a normal traditional mop in which steam is used to cleanse the floor. Unlike the traditional mops for which detergents are applied for cleansing: Steam mop uses the mechanism of boiling the work and converting it to steam to disinfect the surfaces.

Decorating Dining Rooms and Living Rooms

Interior decoration has become a must need for every house nowadays; most people hire any good interior designer and decorate the interior part of their house with gorgeous items. Decorating a house is not just a craze or something to show off; it represents the character of a person to a large extent. People who have good taste and quality, hire any well known interior designer to get their houses gorgeously decorated. There are several things used for decorating the interior of a house; among which the furniture play an important role. Good looking furniture having various looks and themes are used extensively by people nowadays. And these furniture also increases the beauty of the houses a lot. Interior decoration is a delicate work and it needs hard work from any experienced interior designer. Among the different types of furniture used for decorating a house, the dining room table and chairs are one of the most important. Different types of such table and chairs are available in the market at large extent.

A dining room is a place where all the family members get to meet each other at the end of the day and interact with each other. Life has become very hard for people nowadays; people seldom get any free time for their entertainment. All they have to do is work and find ways to earn money. They cannot even interact with their near ones most of the time. However, the only place where each and every member of a family can get together and interact with each other freely is the dining room during the dinner time.

This simple place becomes the most important place of their life. Because of this people want to make this place very special and they try their best to do so. The only thing that can be done to make a dining room special is to decorate it. People spend a lot of money to decorate their dining rooms at its best and for that they hire any experienced interior designer and buy gorgeous dining room table and chairs. The leather dining chairs are pretty prevalent nowadays; they increase the beauty of a dining room to a large extent.


Besides the dining room, people also take good care of their living rooms, bedrooms etc. Decorating the living rooms is very important as it is the place where other people, who visit your house, get to see the most. People also spend huge amount of money to decorate their living rooms. The oak living room furniture or the cheval mirror used to decorate the living rooms increase the beauty of the rooms a lot. Oak wood is famous all over the world for making furniture and they look great. Due to this, many people use this type of furniture a lot to decorate their living rooms. As told earlier, decorating interior of the rooms does not always mean showing off to others; it increases the beauty of the rooms and represent a lot about the character of the person and his personality. People with a rich taste can be easily identified by the look of their interior decoration.