Before going to buy a mop, there is some general information that will help you to select the right type of mop.

The potential benefits associated with usage of steam mop

The potential benefits associated with usage of steam mop

Besides hard floor surface, they can be used for cleansing other material surfaces such as ceramic tile, laminate, linoleum, and Harwood. There are many models. Different models come with different attachments. These attachments provide another benefit to cleanse places which are usually hidden such as: crevices and grouts.

The drying time is greatly reduced. You don’t have to wait an extra time to get the surfaces dried before you can use them. As comes the case with traditional mops.

The method to use is very easy. You just have to fill the water in it. It heats that water to turn into steam. You don’t have to put extra effort on scrubbing the surfaces. They just glide along the surfaces and work effectively to cleanse them. (Read more on

It is lightweight. You don’t have to put the struggle of carrying traditional surface cleansing mops

The maintenance of steam mops is quite easy too. All of them come with two steam mop pads. These pads should be regularly washed and dried on daily basis after your work has been done. They may need to be replaced often too

They come with their own holding mat upon which they can be rested to cool down. Whenever you go to buy any electronic device, make sure to read the instruction carefully.

Factors to consider before buying

Factors to consider before buying

There are some specific factors that you must consider before selecting the appropriate one.

Floor Surface: A hard surface can be easily cleansed with it. For mopping Harwood surfaces, make sure that your mop has an adjustable steam setting. It will control the heat and moisture levels required to that surface. For carpets, make sure you have a carpet attachment with your mop

Area: This is an important factor to consider before buying

  1. Larger surfaces require a larger water tank to avoid the trouble of refilling it again and again. So if you have a bigger home to clean, make sure to go for larger water tanks.
  2. Long cord is needed again for larger homes. It helps to do multiple areas without unplugging and re plugging at different place
  3. Go for a larger size mop for your large home surfaces.
  4. On contrary, for smaller homes, you can go for a medium sized water tanks, average cord length and an average sized mop

Cloth material: To cleanse wood or fine surfaces, you will have to make sure that your mop has a ‘microfiber cloth’. Any other types of cloths may damage your delicate surfaces

Adjustable handle: Go for mops having adjustable handles to make them swivel easily upon the floors. It will avoid your troubles with excessive bending or stretching.

Heat up time: Look for its heating up time. 3o seconds is usually considered appropriate and ideal. You don’t have to extra wait for it to get heated up and then used.

Cleaning Cloths: You will need to change your mop cleaning cloths/pads frequently.

Window cleansing attachment: Make sure you have it in your mop if you intend to clean your windows.

Mop head: It comes in either triangle or oval shape. Decide which one is going to work better for you

Weight: A lighter mop is a lot better than a heavy one. But if you are going to opt for a mop with larger tank, it will have a comparatively more weight

I hope this information will help you to pick up the steam mop having peculiar features best suited for your home.

Types of mops Types of mops

Regular Mop: A regular mop is the traditional mop. It has a long handle with strings or fibers attached on its lower surface. It used for manual mopping with the use of detergents.

Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner: It is a cylinder shaped vacuum device. It is also used for sweeping surfaces. It works on the principal of creating a partial vacuum in order to suck out the dirt particles. There is a centrifuge fan installed inside these devices for the creation of vacuum.

2-in-1 steam cleaner: These are the steam mops that utilize the principal of steam to sanitize the surfaces. Steam mop is an up gradation of a normal traditional mop in which steam is used to cleanse the floor. Unlike the traditional mops for which detergents are applied for cleansing: Steam mop uses the mechanism of boiling the work and converting it to steam to disinfect the surfaces.